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Ghonsooly, Behzad and Gholam Hassan Khajavy. 2017. Predictors of willingness to read in English: testing a model based on possible selves and self-confidence. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 38 (10) : 871–885.
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This inquiry first tests a model of willingness to read (WTR) based on L2 motivation and communication confidence (communication anxiety and perceived communicative competence). Second, it applies the recent theory of L2 motivation presented by Dörnyei (2005), L2 motivational self-system (ideal L2 self, ought-to L2 self, and L2 learning experience), in willingness to communicate (WTC) and WTR construct. For this aim, 180 Iranian university students who were taking general English courses completed the survey questionnaire. Structural equation modelling was employed to assay the presented model of WTR. Results of the assay pointed out that L2 learning experience, ideal L2 self, and communication confidence positively and significantly forecasted WTR, and L2 learning experience was the strongest predictor of WTR. Moreover, amid the three measures of L2 motivational self-system, ideal L2 self was the strongest positive predictor of communication confidence, and ought-to L2 self-added to communication confidence negatively. The results propose that L2 motivational self-system framework can adequately explain WTC. Also, in contrast to former studies, it has a higher explanatory power than communication confidence in forecasting L2 WTR.