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Rezaei, Saeed, Ashkan Latifi and Arash Nematzadeh. 2017. Attitude towards Azeri language in Iran: a large-scale survey research. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 38 (10) : 931–941.
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This survey research explored the attitude of Iranian Azeri native speakers towards Azeri language. A questionnaire was evolved and its dependability was evaluated (r = 0.74) via a piloting phase on 54 Azeri native speakers. The participants, for the main phase of this study, were 400 Azeri native speakers with diverse social and educational backgrounds and from some thickly Azeri-populated provinces in Iran. They completed either the online or the printed version of the survey, the results of which pointed out that Iranian Azeri native speakers have a high level of positive attitude towards their mother tongue despite the disregard of this language in the Iranian educational system. The results of this inquiry are debated from a sociopolitical viewpoint and their implications for the Iranian context are supplied.