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Bourhis, Richard Y. and Rana Sioufi. 2017. Assessing forty years of language planning on the vitality of the Francophone and Anglophone communities of Quebec. Multilingua 36 (5) : 627–662.
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This paper assays how language laws fostering French ameliorated the vitality of the Francophone majority relative to the decreasing Anglophone minority of Quebec. Part one debates Canadian Government attempts to offer federal bilingual services to Francophones and Anglophones across Canada. Employing the ethnolinguistic vitality framework, part two discusses key language policies assumed in Quebec designed to enhance the status of French relative to English in the province, while part 3 evaluates the influence of such laws on the demographic vitality of Francophones and Anglophones. Part 4 assays how such laws succeeded in decreasing the institutional vitality of the Anglophone minority particularly their English schools. Pro-French laws did succeed in having 95 % of the Quebec population uphold knowledge of French, keeping 82 % of all its citizens as users of French at home, assured that 90 % of Francophone employees employed French at work, raised to 70 % French/English bilingualism amongst Anglophones and decreased the size of their English school system by 60 %. Nationalist discourse points out threats to French, given that Quebec Francophones stay a linguistic minority in North America. Can Francophones assume a ‘paradigm shift’ by reframing their position from a brash majority to that of a ruling majority in Quebec?