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Kultti, Anne and Niklas Pramling. 2017. Translation activities in bilingual early childhood education: Children’s perspectives and teachers’ scaffolding. Multilingua 36 (6) : 703–726.
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This inquiry empirically explores how six to seven-year-old children with their teachers translate the lyrics of a children’s song from Finnish to English, assaying how translation is collaboratively formed by the participants. Translanguaging theory and a sociocultural viewpoint on learning inform the inquiry. It is displayed that the children reply to the challenge to translate via talking about how something is done instead of what a word means, and by attending to sound (making sense via an alike sounding word). It is also displayed how the teachers support the children who take on the task by proposing synonyms and antonyms, and using meta-markers. The significance of the differentiated range of practices engaged in by the participants for their evolution of linguistic and metalinguistic awareness is debated.