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Peltz, Rakhmiel. 2017. A researcher writes for his people: who writes what language for whom and when? International Journal of the Sociology of Language 2017 (243) : 39–66.
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A review of Joshua (Shikl) Fishman’s column in the Yiddish quarterly Afn shvel from 1982–2002 discloses the recurrent theme of inciting his secular Yiddish readers to institute residential enclaves of young families who speak Yiddish with their children. He shared his knowledge of the language revitalization and standardization attempts of other groups, covering ultra-Orthodox Hasidim, Frieslanders, Irish, Norwegians, and Welsh. These pleas reflected his own loss ensuing the decimation of the East European Yiddish heartland during the Holocaust and the vanishing of a vital Yiddish secular life in America. Even so, Fishman cheered and bolstered the attempts of young people targeting to revitalize Yiddish.