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Ryazanova-Clarke, Lara. 2017. English, motility and Ismaili transnationalism. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 2017 (247) : 71–88.
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Divers structures and resources are employed to construct and uphold the Ismaili transnational community, covering an official language: English. This paper examines the role of English in connection with Ismaili transnationalism. Using ethnographic data gathered during fieldwork in Northern Pakistan and Eastern Tajikistan, the paper centers on the movement of local Ismailis away from Northern Pakistan and Eastern Tajikistan, and on the movement of people and ideas to forecited places. The paper asserts the significance of covering non-mobile individuals in conceptualizations of Ismaili transnationalism. In doing so, the paper uses the concept of “motility”, which indicates links between social and spatial mobility, and points out the potential for mobility; and it emphasizes the role local settings play for transnational processes.