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Flores, Nelson and Jonathan Rosa. 2017. Unsettling race and language: Toward a raciolinguistic perspective. Language in Society 46 (5) : 621–647.
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Cambridge University Press


This paper proposes what is labelled a raciolinguistic view, which theorizes the historical and contemporary co-naturalization of language and race. It examines five vital components of a raciolinguistic perspective: (i) historical and contemporary colonial co-naturalizations of race and language; (ii) perceptions of racial and linguistic difference; (iii) regimentations of racial and linguistic categories; (iv) racial and linguistic intersections and assemblages; and (v) contestations of racial and linguistic power formations. These foci reflect the authors' investment in generating a careful theorization of various forms of racial and linguistic inequality on the one hand, and their commitment to the imagination and creation of more just societies on the other.