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Werner, Stefan and Payam Ghaffarvand Mokari. 2017. Perceptual assimilation predicts acquisition of foreign language sounds: The case of Azerbaijani learners’ production and perception of Standard Southern British English vowels. Lingua 185 : 81–95.
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This inquiry explored tho what level the Perceptual Assimilation Model (PAM) could forecast learning of Standard Southern British English (SSBE) vowels by Azerbaijani (AZ) learners. For this aim, two perception and production experiments were designed. In the perception experiment, AZ learners were tested on their skill to distinguish 11 SSBE vowel contrasts. The vowel contrasts were natural speech tokens obtained from native speakers. The production experiment, explored AZ learners’ accuracy in production of SSBE vowels via an acoustic measurement and native listeners’ judgments. Outcomes disclosed that the native listeners’ judgments were mostly in line with the perception and the acoustic accuracy results. Native listeners’ identification results disclosed that /ɪ/ and /ʊ/ were mostly confused with /i/ and /u/, respectively. The /ʌ/ vowel was mostly confused with /ɑ/ and /ɒ/, also /ɒ/ was mostly confused with /ɑ/ and /ʌ/ vowels. Overall, predictions of the PAM were valid for AZ learners of SSBE, except for /ɪ-i/ pair. Despite the fact that the participants of this inquiry had learned L2 in a situation with limited L2 exposure and through formal instruction, the results validated the predictive power of PAM for this target group.