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Bergqvist, Henrik. 2017. The role of ‘perspective’ in epistemic marking. Lingua 186,187 : 5–20.
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This article centers on inter-personal aspects of the context in the assay of evidential and related epistemic marking systems. While evidentiality is defined by its ability to qualify the speaker's indexical point of view in terms of information source, it is asserted that other aspects of the context are notable to explore evidentiality both conceptually and grammatically. These distinct, analytical components concern the illocutionary status of a given marker and its scope properties. The importance of the hearer's perspective in pragmatics and semantics is well attested and constitutes a convincing argument for an enhanced emphasis on the perspective of the hearer/addressee in analyses of epistemic marking, like evidentiality. The article debates available accounts of evidentials that attend to the viewpoint of the addressee and also introduces lesser-known epistemic marking systems that share a functional space with evidentiality.