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Wagner, Susanne. 2017. Totally new and pretty awesome: Amplifier–adjective bigrams in GloWbE. Lingua : 63–83.
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Former work on adjectival intensification (e.g. very good, so glad, really great) has mainly centered on the adverbs in question, displaying that different (native) varieties of English show distinctive preferences regarding intensifier choice. However, little is known so far about the role played by intensifier-adjective units (bigrams). This article proposes a first contribution to fill this research gap by centering on a data-driven approach to (mainly) high-frequency bigrams and their collocational behaviour in the Corpus of Global Web-based English (GloWbE). Asymmetric and symmetric measures are used to establish attraction and repulsion between adverb and adjective, while pointing out regional resemblances and discrepancies.