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Yoder, Paul J., Fares J. Karam and Amanda K. Kibler. 2017. “Because even us, Arabs, now speak English”: Syrian refugee teachers’ investment in English as a foreign language. International Journal of Intercultural Relations 60 : 169–182.
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Framed within Darvin and Norton’s (2015) model of investment, this inquiry explored a group of Syrian refugee teachers’ ideologies and challenges concerning teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) to Syrian refugee students with interrupted or no prior formal education in three non-formal education (NFE) centers in Lebanon. A qualitative approach employing interview data alongside field observations and questionnaire responses was used to gain a nuanced comprehension of the teachers’ experiences. Findings from this inquiry propose that teachers acknowledged the significance of teaching English to their students and did so despite a host of curricular, linguistic, sociolinguistic, and sociocultural obstacles. It is proposed that when teachers of refugee students in Education in Emergency (EIE) contexts are invested in teaching EFL, they can adapot an agentive role in thinking up innovative solutions to problems.