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Guan, Shu-Sha Angie and Nevfel Boz. 2017. “Your profile is so rad”: Self-presentation strategies in Turkish adolescents. Communications 42 (1) : 23–46.
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Social networking sites like Facebook are popular and ever-extending, particularly amid adolescents in Turkey. The inquiry of 406 adolescents aged 14 to 18 (Mage = 15.61, SD = 1.16) supplies novel insights into how adolescents from Turkey within a specific cultural framework, show certain kinds of self-presentation strategies. Using the Revised Self-Presentation Scale (RSPS; Lee et al., 1999) when coding adolescents’ profiles for strategies and information, the inquiry found that exemplification is the most employed strategy followed by the ingratiation strategy. Self-report results differed from coded behavioral strategy use for intimidation and self-promotion, where there were higher levels of intimidation strategy than self-reported; for the self-promotion strategy, self-reported levels were higher than coded behavioral use. Particular strategy usage also forecasted the sharing of types of information and the number of network friends.