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Podschuweit, Nicole and Ilka Jakobs. 2017. “It’s about politics, stupid!”: Common understandings of interpersonal political communication. Communications 42 (4) : 391–414.
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For the general public and for scientists, interpersonal political communication is very important; however, surveys based on self-reports often lack satisfactory validity and reliability, as political talk is embedded in everyday conversations and thus hard to remember. Farther, different people are likely to assign different meanings to the term ‘politics’. This article aims to advance our comprehension of what people perceive or do not perceive as political. To define the factors affecting the general public’s comprehension of politics, the article conducted a representative telephone survey among 804 citizens of a German city. The findings point out that people’s classification of conversations as political is defined by the characteristics of the debated issues. Furthermore, some respondents did not state all conversations that might affect their political opinions and behavior. Even so, the matter might be relevant for research when people are asked about their political conversation behavior.