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Oblak Črnič, Tanja and Breda Luthar. 2017. Media repertoires and discursive communities: Studying audiences in the multimedia age. Communications 42 (4).
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Given drastic changes in media consumption, manifested in the widespread mediatization and proliferation of the uses of personal media in everyday life, inquiry on media audiences can no longer center on a single medium. In order to distinguish ideal-typical combinations of media platforms and aesthetic cultures in the population of the two largest Slovenian cities, the concept of media repertoires was employed. The inquiry displays that its respondents’s media consumption is structured into four typical media repertoires: integrators, digital natives, television viewers and newspaper readers. These four repertoires also represent distinct socio-cultural formations. In social terms, (digital) audiences therefore do not make up a homogenous social community, but should be grasped as class-differentiated discursive cultures or ‘meaning systems’.