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Savski, Kristof. 2017. Language policy at times of instability and struggle: the impact of fluctuating will and competing agendas on a Slovene language strategy. Current Issues in Language Planning 18 (3) : 283–302.
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This paper explores how the drafting and implementation of the Resolution for a National Language Policy Programme 2014–2018, a Slovene language strategy, were affected by political instability and inter-institutional struggles. By conducting a historical ethnography to trace how different authors contributed to the policy text, and exploring these contributions against political shifts and the dynamics of the media discourse surrounding the policy, and by collecting accounts from key actors through interviews, the article proposes a detailed reconstruction of the process of drafting the strategy. The assay reveals an on-going struggle between different groups of Slovene linguists to secure their own interests, and finds that political shifts enabled different groups to shift wordings within the document in their own favour. It also eplores how, once officially adopted by the Slovene parliament, the strategy began to be implemented as serious debates began about funding the creation of a new monolingual dictionary of Slovene.