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Benson, Carol and Kerry Taylor-Leech. 2017. Language planning and development aid: the (in)visibility of language in development aid discourse. Current Issues in Language Planning 18 (4) : 339–355.
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Despite the crucial role of local, regional, national and international languages in human development, there is little reference to language planning in development aid discourse. Starting with definitions of development aid and language planning, the article explores how the two were related in pre- and post-colonial times, displaying how language planning scholarship has responded to the overarching shifts in understandings of development over time. While it is found that language planning preserves a low profile in human development documents, some positive signs in UNESCO’s and UNICEF’s continuing support for language issues are noted. This support is contrasted with the World Bank’s concern with measurable outcomes. The article concludes with an assay of how the contributions to this special issue elucidate some of the tensions inherent in language planning for development in a global age.