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Scarvaglieri, Claudio. 2017. ‘Educational Landscaping’: a method for raising awareness about language and communication. Language Awareness 26 (4) : 325–342.
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The paper presents ‘Educational Landscaping’ (EL) as a measure of qualification in educational institutions to back the development of teachers’ language awareness (LA). In EL, participating teachers are invited to explore, analyse and, if necessary, adapt the linguistic landscape of their educational institution. The paper first describes the setup of the training programme, which proceeds in three phases (introduction, implementation, and discussion and revision). Based on a qualitative-explorative interview study, the results of EL are reported and debated with respect to LA. The paper displays that in a number of cases, EL was able to spark considerable developments in teachers’ LA. These findings are employed to make suggestions regarding a broadened comprehension of LA that covers non-linguistic means of communication. The term ‘communication awareness’ is presented as a complement to LA.