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Méndez García, María del Carmen. 2017. Intercultural reflection through the Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters: students’ accounts of their images of alterity. Language and Intercultural Communication 17 (2) : 90–117.
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The Council of Europe's Autobiography of Intercultural Encounter (AIE) is a tool to evolve intercultural competence (IC) in education by prompting users to reflect upon and learn from momentous intercultural encounters they have experienced face to face. Its parallel resource, the Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters through Visual Media (AIEVM), aids users examine the intercultural experiences they have encountered via images portrayed in television, films or the Internet. Both of them favour the assay of the image of the other as either somebody the user has personally met or somebody featured in photographs, portraits or paintings. This article looks into the intercultural reflection the AIE promotes through a case study of three autobiographies. The stories display the complexities behind the image of the other(s) and how they are seen by the users of the AIE. The findings point out that the users have evolved intercultural attitudes, skills and knowledge, and take action as an important part of their IC. The data display that the AIE eases reflection on crucial intercultural aspects and that it increases self-awareness.