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Martínez-Álvarez, Patricia and María Paula Ghiso. 2017. On languaging and communities: Latino/a emergent bilinguals' expansive learning and critical inquiries into global childhoods. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 20 (6) : 667–687.
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Young children in diverse urban contexts bring to school transnational knowledges, complex multilingual literacies, and cultural practices which reflect global mobility and the blended nature of their social worlds. For children like the Latino first graders the authors have been working with for the past three years, their lived experiences do not easily align with one language or national affiliation. The authors' qualitative practitioner research study explores how emergent bilinguals in transnational contexts engage in critical inquiry through photographing and writing about their communities. Drawing on Cultural Historical Activity Theory, the study examines how children's experiences in global neighborhood spaces – including their dynamic translanguaging practices and transnational histories – were an epistemic resource and a means of enacting agency. It is proposed that translanguaging, as a cultural historical artifact, can help mediate children's critical inquiries into global childhoods.