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Antony, Mary Grace and Ryan J. Thomas. 2017. “Stop sending your kids across our border:” Discursively constructing the unaccompanied youth migrant. Journal of International and Intercultural Communication 10 (1) : 4–24.
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The recent migration of 65,000 children across the southwestern border, coupled with allegations of abuse by the U.S. Border Patrol, allows the exploration of an overlooked immigrant category: the unaccompanied youth migrant. Exploring audience responses to news reports of the abuse, it is found that established disdainful immigrant tropes apply, describing the children as an economic burden, disease carriers, and progeny of irresponsible families. Two new themes are detected : youth migrants are channels whereby criminals may infiltrate the U.S., and manipulate legal authorities to remain in the U.S. Finally, it is shown how global compassion is strategically used to qualify severe retaliatory measures.