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Sui, Mingxiao and Newly Paul. 2017. Latino Portrayals in Local News Media: Underrepresentation, Negative Stereotypes, and Institutional Predictors of Coverage. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research 46 (3) : 273–294.
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Given the rise in negative rhetoric about Latinos in the U.S., it is vital to explore whether this negative tone expands to general, local news as well. An analysis of 2426 news articles drawn from 55 local newspapers in 2015 discloses various important findings. First, despite the intense spotlight on Latinos, they remain underrepresented in local news media. Relative to the other ethnic groups and whites, Latinos are more likely to be depicted through negative stereotypes. However, the likelihood of this negative coverage is smaller for news media with a great proportion of Latino audiences, or for publicly-owned media outlets.