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Onyenankeya, O.M., K.U. Onyenankeya and O. Osunkunle. 2017. The Persuasive Influence of Nollywood Film in Cultural Transmission: Negotiating Nigerian Culture in a South African Environment. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research 46 (4) : 297–313.
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The popularity and viewership of Nollywood films have extended across African and Western cities especially those with considerable Diaspora population. This inquiry explores whether watching Nollywood films is likely to lead to cross-cultural transmission of Nigeria’s cultural heritage to audience members in South Africa. Data for the study were gathered employing observation and surveys with Likert-type scales involving participants from a South African college. Results display that watching Nollywood films was important in enhancing participants’ knowledge and appreciation of Nigerian culture. Observed patterns point out that a small portion of participants could mimic or reproduce some common Nigerian expressions and exclamations while a negligible percentage of participants could actually speak a smattering of Igbo, one of Nigeria’s three major languages.