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Hoang, Ngoc T.H. 2017. ‘A fair go for all?’ Australia’s language-in-migration policy. Discourse 38 (6) : 836–850.
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Language tests that are employed to evaluate immigration eligibility exercise great power. Critical Language Testing calls for exposing the power of tests by exploring the intentions of introducing tests and their effects on individuals and society, particularly from the perspective of test-takers. This case study explores the rationale for and impact of a particular language-in-migration policy in Australia, drawing on the experiences and perceptions of two skilled migration applicants. One of them was successful and the other unsuccessful, essentially on the ground of their language test results. Insights from the study defy prevalent discourses about language tests and social integration, employability, economic efficiency, and national security. The paper makes some policy recommendations for making the use of language tests more beneficial for immigrants and immigrant-receiving societies in a globalised world that has witnessed unprecedented flows of immigrants.