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Segrin, Chris and Tricia J. Burke. 2017. Weight-Related Social Control in Couples. Associations With Motives, Constraints, and Health Behaviors. Communication Research 44 (3) : 348–366.
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The social control framework and multiple goals viewpoint were employed to explore couples’ (N = 192) diet- and exercise-related social control communication. Actor-Partner Interdependence Models (APIMs) were employed to explore couples’ use of positive and negative social control in association with (a) their specific motives for employing social control and (b) constraints against employing social control. In line with a multiple goals framework, partners use different social control strategies as a function of their distinct motives, and couples seem to consider secondary goals when communicating social control in their relationship. Together, these results propose that individuals are aware of the need to balance their desire for their partners to be physically healthy with their desire to maintain their relationship.