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Chen, Ling and Guangchao Charles Feng. 2017. Host Environment, Host Communication, and Satisfaction With Life: A Study of Hong Kong Ethnic Minority Members. Communication Research 44 (4) : 487–511.
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This inquiry, with two parts, explored host environment and host communication factors in Hong Kong ethnic minority members’ cross-cultural adaptation. Study I explored host receptivity, host conformity pressure, host communication competence (HCC), and host communication satisfaction as predictors of satisfaction with life self-reported by Hong Kongers of south-/south-east Asian origin (n = 195). Results displayed that host receptivity and host communication satisfaction contributed significantly to satisfaction with life. Study II partially replicated Study I with a wider sample (n = 140). Hierarchical multiple regressions replicated the earlier findings that host receptivity did and host conformity pressure did not forecast satisfaction with life in the same direction. MANOVA of high and low HCC groups yielded significant main effects on host receptivity, host conformity pressure, host communication satisfaction, and life satisfaction. Implications of the findings are debated.