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Dixon, Travis L. 2017. Good Guys Are Still Always in White? Positive Change and Continued Misrepresentation of Race and Crime on Local Television News. Communication Research 44 (6) : 775–792.
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A content analysis of a random sample of Los Angeles television news programs was employed to evaluate racial representations of perpetrators, victims, and officers. A series of comparisons were employed to evaluate whether local news depictions differed from outside indicators of social reality. In a significant departure from previous inquiry, they disclosed that perpetration was accurately portrayed on local TV news. Blacks, in particular, were accurately portrayed as perpetrators, victims, and officers. However, albeit Latinos were accurately portrayed as perpetrators, they continued to be underrepresented as victims and officers. Conversely, Whites remained significantly overrepresented as victims and officers. The implications of these findings are debated in light of incognizant racism, ethnic blame discourse, structural limitations, and the guard dog viewpoint of news media.