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Banda, Felix, Belqes Al-Sowaidi and Arwa Mansour. 2017. Doing Politics in the Recent Arab Uprisings: Towards a Political Discourse Analysis of the Arab Spring Slogans. Journal of Asian and African Studies 52 (1) : 621–645.
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This article explores a number of Arab Spring slogans gathered from the sit-in quarters in Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Employing political discourse analysis, it disentangles diverse typical discourse structures and strategies that are employed in slogans in the construction of a sub-genre of political discourse in the Arab world. Drawing data from various mediums, covering banners, wall graffiti, audio-visual instruments, chanting, speeches and songs, this article attempts to displat the degree to which the slogans serve as a medium by which political complaints and comments are distributed and consumed. This paper draws on a rhetorical analysis to find out their persuasive effect on shaping the Arab intellect and on the change of the political atmosphere in the region. Lastly, this article tries to display to what degree the slogans meet the standards of political discourse and whether they can be regarde as a sub-genre of political discourse or not.