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Carrie, Erin. 2017. ‘British is professional, American is urban’: attitudes towards English reference accents in Spain. International Journal of Applied Linguistics 27 (2) : 427–447.
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The distribution and variegation of English worldwide defies the use of reference accents in EFL classrooms. Yet, learners often show greater recognition of, familiarity with and preference for inner‐circle varieties of English speech, particularly Received Pronunciation (RP) and General American (GenAm). This article explores the attitudes of 71 university students in Spain towards these speech varieties. Employing the verbal guise technique, it measures cognitive, affective and conative replies to speech stimuli. Qualitative comments, gathered employing questionnaires and interviews, help to interpret these evaluative replies. The findings propose a desire to pursue RP, often associated with status and prestige, though greater solidarity and stronger affiliative feelings towards GenAm speakers. They emphasize the intricacy and dynamism of the language attitudes of EFL learners in the Spanish context.