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Dabbagh, Ali. 2017. Cultural Linguistics as an investigative framework for paremiology: comparing time in English and Persian. International Journal of Applied Linguistics 27 (3) : 575–597.
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This article presents Cultural Linguistics to the assay of proverbs employing the three analytical tools of cultural metaphor, cultural schema, and cultural category, which are collectively referred to as cultural conceptualisations. To realize this, the article reports on an inquiry in which English and Persian cross‐culturally equivalent proverbs linked to the concept of time were explored employing this analytical framework. The results disclosed a number of analogous and distinct images of time in the proverbs explored metaphorically and schematically but not categorically. The article concludes that such assay can aid paremiologists to increase their comprehension of proverbs particularly in comparative paremiology from different languages with distinct cultural backgrounds.