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Kas, Bence, Ágnes Lukács and Enikó Ladányi. 2017. The role of cognitive control in anaphor resolution in children with specific language impairment. Applied Psycholinguistics 38 (5) : 1173–1199.
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This study explored anaphor resolution and its relationship with cognitive control skills in children with specific language impairment (SLI) and typically developing (TD) children. In a sentence–picture verification task evaluating anaphor interpretation, the SLI group was less successful than age-matched TD peers, and showed similar performance patterns as younger TD children in prior studies. The SLI group displayed weaknesses in nonlinguistic cognitive control tasks, which were associated with anaphor interpretation results. These findings are in contrast with the view that presents a grammar-specific deficit behind anaphor resolution problems in SLI. It is proposed that anaphor interpretation in this population is delayed but not atypical, and this delay can be partly clarified by weaker cognitive control skills.