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Duyck, Wouter, Aster Dijkgraaf and Robert J. Hartsuiker. 2017. Predicting upcoming information in native-language and non-native-language auditory word recognition. Bilingualism 20 (5) : 917–930.
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Monolingual listeners constantly predict forthcoming information. This paper tested whether predictive language processing happens to the same degree when bilinguals listen to their native language vs. a non-native language. Additionally, it assayed whether bilinguals employ prognosis to the same degree as monolinguals. Dutch–English bilinguals and English monolinguals listened to limiting and neutral sentences in Dutch (bilinguals only) and in English, and viewed target and distractor pictures on a display while their eye movements were measured. There was a bias of fixations towards the target object in the limiting condition, relative to the neutral condition, before information from the target word could impact fixations. This prognosis effect happened to the same degree in native processing by bilinguals and monolinguals, but also in non-native processing. This points out that unbalanced, competent bilinguals can rapidly employ semantic information during listening to portend upcoming referents to the same degree in both of their languages.