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Ifantidou, Elly. 2017. Pragmatic transfer, relevance and procedural meaning in L2. International Review of Pragmatics 9 (1) : 82–133.
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Negative pragmatic transfer has got a lot of attention for being a reason of mis-communication in L2 and a domain where corrective strategies towards native-like performance were very in need (see Kasper, 1992). In this inquiry, positive transfer is prompted by a cognitive procedure rather than a sociolinguistic ability and is explored in terms of learners’ acquired ability to deduce pragmatic meanings in L1 and L2. Employing the relevance-theoretic distinction of conceptual-procedural meaning (Wilson, 2011), this inquiry tries to disclose easing effects of L1, L2 and interventions on participants’ skill to read newspaper editorials while employing procedural expressions as evidence for drawn pragmatic inferences.