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Onodera, Henri. 2017. On Shifting Grounds of ‘Citizen Journalism’ in Egypt. Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication 10 (1) : 49–68.
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Before and after the January 25 uprisings in Egypt, public and scholarly attention shifted from the early political bloggers to modern citizen journalists who employ not only blogs but any available means to spread alternative information. The usage of novel ‘information and communication technologies’ (ICTs) is no longer a gain for the secular-civil opposition solely. Since 2011, several groups, covering the Salafists and the military, have employed ICTs to determine their impact in public life. This paper proposes an exploration of citizen journalism as political practice and public debate in the Middle East and North Africa. This inquiry may elucidate the daily appropriations of this traveling concept and the meanings it provokes via actual practices in given socio-cultural contexts. It also claims that the equivocations around the Arabic translations of citizen journalism supply a way to explore the uneasy processes of state transformation in nowadays' Egypt.