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Talebinejad, M. Reza and Mohammad Shahi. 2017. The labyrinth of ethics in journalistic translated discourse. Babel 63 (1) : 89–108.
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Given that both translation ethics and journalistic translation are still two under-explored areas in translation research, this study sets out to discover the ethical model of Iranian translators’ performance in a climate of conflict. To achieve the objective, the researchers monitored and collected the translated journalistic texts concerning the Iranian nuclear negotiations published by a state-run news agency from three days before the Almaty I nuclear talks to three days after the Almaty II negotiations. The monitoring phase resulted in 20 pairs of STs and TTs. The comparative textual analysis indicated patterned and motivated ideological interference in translations which could be accounted for resorting to teleological models of ethics. Theoretical analysis revealed conceptual overlap between ethics and ideology that could explain the reduction of ethics into ideology in the news agency.