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Belz, Malte, Simon Sauer, Anke Lüdeling and Christine Mooshammer. 2017. Fluently disfluent? Pauses and repairs of advanced learners and native speakers of German. International Journal of Learner Corpus Research 3 (2) : 118–148.
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This article explores the disfluencies of advanced learners and native speakers of German in spontaneous speech. It focuses on the frequency, form, and place of silent and filled pauses as well as self-repairs. Frequency significantly differs for silent pauses only. As to form, the distribution for both filled pauses and repair types significantly differs between the groups, while the proportion of within-repair hesitations (‘interregna’) is similar. For the neighbouring tokens of filled pauses, learners adhere to the pattern of their native language English, which is significantly different from the pattern found for native German. The results indicate that for some aspects of disfluencies, it seems that learners can adapt to a native-like pattern, while others are imported from the L1. Still others are significantly different from both the target and the native pattern. The article presents different possible explanations for all these cases.