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Goral, Mira, Gary Libben and Maya Libben, eds. 2017. Bilingualism. A framework for understanding the mental lexicon. (Bilingual Processing and Acquisition 6). John Benjamins. xvii, 252 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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In the world today, bilingualism is more common than monolingualism. Thus, the default mental lexicon may in fact be the bilingual lexicon. More than ever, social and technological innovation have created a situation in which lexical knowledge may change dramatically throughout an individual’s lifetime. This book offers a new perspective for the understanding of these phenomena and their consequences for the representation of words in the mind and brain. Contributing authors are leaders in the field who provide a re-analysis of key assumptions and a re-focusing of research. They bring new insights and new findings that advance the understanding of both bilingualism and the mental lexicon.