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Isurin, Ludmila and Claudia Maria Riehl, eds. 2017. Integration, Identity and Language Maintenance in Young Immigrants. Russian Germans or German Russians. (IMPACT: Studies in Language and Society 44). John Benjamins. vii, 285 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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The volume presents a selection of contributions related to integration, adaptation, language attitudes and language change among young Russian-speaking immigrants in Germany. At the turn of the century, Germany, which defined itself as a mono-ethnic and mono-racial society, has become a country integrating various immigrant groups. Among those, there are three different types of Russian immigrants: Russian Germans, Russian Jews and ethnic Russians, all three often perceived as “Russians” by the host country. The three groups have the same linguistic background, but a different ethnicity, known as “nationality”, a separate entry in Russian official documents. This defined the immigration paths and the subsequent integration into German society, where each group strives to position itself in relation to two other groups in the same migrant space. The book discusses the complexities of belonging and (self-/other) assignment to groups as well as the attitude to language maintenance among young Russian-speaking immigrants.