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Perpiñán, Silvia, David Heap, Itziri Moreno-Villamar and Adriana Soto-Corominas, eds. 2017. Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 11. Selected papers from the 44th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), London, Ontario. (Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 11). John Benjamins. vi, 269 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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This collection brings together current research on a range of phenomena in French, Spanish, Occitan and Italian, that will be of interest to scholars and students of Romance and general linguistics. The volume includes 12 peer-reviewed articles, first presented at the 44th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), divided into three sections on syntax-semantics, morphosyntax, and bilingualism and language acquisition.