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Schnell, Bettina and Nadia Rodriguez Ortega. 2018. From El Gran Meaulnes to Meaulnes el Grande. A comparative study of the Spanish retranslations of a French classic. Babel 64 (1) : 81–110.
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The present contribution aims at a comparative study of the Spanish retranslations of the French classic Le Grand Meaulnes. With the objective of identifying macro and micro-structural variations among the various retranslations, a parallel corpus is compiled, the source-text and the various translations are aligned and imported into a translation memory which allows for a targeted analysis of specific linguistic elements. The results obtained from the corpus analysis show that, despite their differences the retranslations display a relative homogeneity, in so far as they are largely source-text oriented and foreignizing. Relative homogeneity notwithstanding, differences can be observed between twentieth century-translations and those carried out in the twenty-first-century. The translators of the latter take a specific approach to translating the novel, either as a literary critic or by taking a critical stance towards a more assimilative approach adopted in an earlier translation.