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Bojovic, Brankica. 2018. Fashion language and translatology. Babel 64 (3) : 382–404.
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Amsterdam: John Benjamins


This study is based on art exhibitions, fashion shows, photo books, movies, magazines, advertisements, blogs, scientific papers and interviews, and fashion vocabulary. Philology literally means love for the word. It is the love for the word that unites philologists with translators, researchers, scientists, and fashion specialists. The translatological analysis of this specialist language is a reduced selection of 200 idioms, illustrative examples from English, Montenegrin or Serbian, and Italian. Also, habitual fashion collocations constitute a significant part of the translatological analysis. This analysis is completed with a contemporary terminology of fashion clothing terms and words in English and their equivalents in Italian, almost 150 of them, compiled in a small glossary. Through their level of engagement, public figures from the world of art, music, fashion and politics, as well-known officials, actors or celebrities, have become the new trend-setters in all societies and also dictators of fashion, because they set the trends and fashion standards which others follow.