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Sin, King Kui, Clara Ho-yan Chan and Benjamin Ka Yin T'sou. 2018. The econo-linguistics approach to the study of investor sentiment. Theoretical trends and research possibilities in Pan-Chinese markets. Chinese Language and Discourse 9 (1) : 26–45.
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Amsterdam: John Benjamins


This paper sets out to examine the existing literature in the study of investor sentiment, and propose research areas in the Pan-Chinese context by use of the econo-linguistics approach. This new research may provide insights into the mindset of Chinese investors by explicating the language that represents it. Such language arises in public financial discourse that involves the use of special terminology and metaphorical expressions in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan and may contribute to influencing investment behaviour and outcome. Following the review of the research, this paper proposes the use of an innovative mechanism and platform for systemizing financial terminologies and facilitating financial research within the inter-disciplinary framework of econo-linguistics, especially in the Pan-Chinese regions.