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Lorés-Sanz, Rosa. 2018. Online conference announcements as spaces for disciplinary communication. English Text Construction 11 (2) : 256–284.
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Amsterdam: John Benjamins


The aim of the study is to explore online conference announcements as sites for disciplinary communication and the way they are realized linguistically. A corpus of 50 conference announcements included in a major listserv in the field of linguistics is analysed, focusing on rhetorical structure and major interpersonal features, namely self mentions, engagement markers, modal verbs and the use of passive voice. Results show that linguistic interpersonal markers are deployed in the text according to the various communicative functions the text has and also the role played by the writer at each stage and, subsequently, the roles ascribed to readers. Moreover, it is claimed that the wide distribution of conference announcements ensured through electronic platforms reinforces the strategic role of these texts as vehicles of communication and interaction among disciplinary members.