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Desmet, Piet, Kris Heylen, Elke Peters, Ann-Sophie Noreillie and Britta Kestemont. 2018. Vocabulary knowledge and listening comprehension at an intermediate level in English and French as foreign languages. An approximate replication study of Stæhr (2009). International Journal of Applied Linguistics 169 (1) : 212–231.
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John Benjamins


The present study aims to replicate Stæhr’s (2009) study on the relationship between vocabulary knowledge and listening comprehension. To explore the generalizability of Stæhr’s findings, two experiments were conducted. However, the study changed the population (Flemish learners) and proficiency level of the materials in the first experiment (intermediate) and also the language in the second experiment (French). The results generally confirm Stæhr’s findings. The study also found a positive correlation between vocabulary knowledge and listening comprehension. Although the findings reveal that learners probably need fewer words for adequate listening comprehension at an intermediate proficiency level, the study also showed that learners who knew more words had higher listening comprehension scores. Finally, the study seems to suggest that learners might need less lexical coverage for intermediate listening. Keywords: vocabulary knowledge, listening comprehension, English as a foreign language, intermediate level, French as a foreign language Published online: 16 April 2018