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García-Gómez, Antonio and Chaoqun Xie. 2018. Introducing internet pragmatics. Internet Pragmatics 1 (1) : 1–12.
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John Benjamins
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The internet and internet-mediated life have presented new issues and challenges for research on pragmatics. When analyzing the application of pragmatics to internet-mediated communication, a possibility is to set up a number of layers and study the contributions that traditional pragmatic schools can make to this new research area. These layers include, but are not limited to, user and contextual constraints, user to user by means of discourse, user to user in interaction, user to audience, user in a group of users and, user and non-intended no-propositional effects. Research on internet pragmatics, it is believed, can, should and will extend and expand the scope of pragmatics. Ultimately, internet pragmatics, capturing and elucidating the order of things and the order of life more extensively, deeply and fully, seeks to explore and expound, from the perspective of pragmatics, ways of living, ways of doing, ways of seeing, and ways of (re)discovering.