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Schröder, Ulrike. 2018. Face as an interactional construct in the context of connectedness and separateness. An empirical approach to culture-specific interpretations of face. Pragmatics 28 (4) : 574–572.
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In recent work, Arundale proposed a Face Constituting Theory based on the Conjoint Co-Constituting Model of Communication. His main concern is directed towards a shift from the individualistic conception of face and (im)politeness to a non-summative view on communication based on fundamental insights from conversation analysis. Based on two film shootings between German and Brazilian exchange students, which are part of the larger corpus NUCOI, this study will take a closer look at moments in which face comes to the fore in the light of (dis)alignment and (dis)affiliation. While in the German example facework is negotiated metacommunicatively, in the Brazilian example facework is calibrated in more subtle ways represented by prosodic and visual cues, which are either given or held back by the co-participants. This study will show that these two different patterns may be related to culture-specific construals of face.