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Herrero, Carmen and Manuela Escobar. 2018. A pedagogical model for integrating film education and audio description in foreign language acquisition. Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts 4 (1) : 30–54.
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Films are particularly powerful pedagogical tools that can help improve the linguistic skills of foreign language learners. Audio describing tasks can provide additional benefits. However, for an efficient use of feature films, learners need to be trained on how to elaborate audio description texts and develop active viewing strategies. This article discusses a language teaching approach that advocates the addition of Film Literacy education and audio description tasks to the language curriculum. It focuses on the application of audio description, in both oral and written form, to the acquisition of Spanish as a foreign language in Higher Education. It presents a pedagogical model designed to help students develop linguistic, cultural and intercultural competences while encouraging the aesthetic appreciation of films as cultural objects that can be evaluated through a wide range of critical approaches