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Matras, Yaron, Gertrud Reershemius and Leonie Gaiser. 2018. Multilingual repertoire management and illocutionary functions in Yiddish signage in Manchester. Journal of Pragmatics 135 : 53–70.
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The linguistic landscape proposes a record of communicative action that is anchored in shared community practices and linguistic repertoires. Usage of written Yiddish in semi-public signage draws on centuries of literacy and is enlaced with other elements of users' language repertoire. Yiddish is employed on signage for affective, mobilising, appellative, regulatory and prohibitive actions. Unlike many other lesser-used languages, Yiddish usage on signage in Haredi communities is not confined to indexical identity flagging or commodification aims. In the explored setting, the indexical ordering of languages on written artefacts does not represent a hierarchy of absolute valorisation but rather a complementarity of functions that draws on simultaneous activation of various repertoire elements.