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Pietrzak, Paulina. 2018. The effects of students’ self-regulation on translation quality. Babel 64 (5/6) : 819–839.
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John Benjamins
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The article is an attempt to enter into the area of metacognitive translation studies – or metacognitive translator studies – that has so far received scant coverage, and devote closer attention to the translator’s self-regulatory activity. Self-regulation seems crucial in the development of translation expertise, “especially outside of optimally structured work environments, training academies, and other places with defined translation workflows and opportunities for feedback” (Shreve 2006: 32). The article focuses on the role and nature of self-regulation in translator training. Having identified the issues that emerge from educational theories for translator training, the author analyses the approaches to metacognition in the area of translation education. In an attempt to contribute to the discussion of the multifaceted nature of translator competence, the author investigates the correlation between translation trainees’ self-regulatory activity and the quality of their translation as reflected in their translation grades. Keywords: formation de traducteur, compétences du traducteur, métacognition, autorégulation, autoréflexion, translator training, translator competence, metacognition, self-regulation, self-reflection