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Etrillard, Aude. 2019. Regimes of language, whiteness and social class: The negotiation of sociolinguistic privileges by British migrants in rural France. Language & Communication 66 : 29–40.
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An analysis of power relations offers insight into the study of regimes of language. Racialization processes and white privilege rearrange a local regime of language. The illusion of class is necessary to maintain and justify racial privileges. Abstract This ethnographic study of British migration in rural Brittany (France) unveils that the British profit by positive stances towards their language, opening chances for them to enter resources in English, is a scarce saving to the local monolingual ideology. The study argues that the English language owes its peculiar place to its supranational status, and to the consubstantial articulation of whiteness and class categorizations by migrants and the local population. Here, white privilege is framed on the sharing of ideologies regarding language, ‘integration’ and otherness, allowing language regime rearrangements.