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Strand, Thea R. 2019. Tradition as innovation: Dialect revalorization and maximal orthographic distinction in rural Norwegian writing. Multilingua 38 (1) : 51–68.
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The traditional Valdresmål regional dialect, has become a notable resource for popular style and local evolution projects in rural Valdres, Norway. The innovational practice of written Valdresmål has been taken up by local firms as a marketing strategy in recent years, as well, further normalizing and justifying nonstandard forms. In the running revaluation of traditional Valdresmål, it is also, unavoidably, changed—linguistically, socially, and ideologically—as it comes and spreads within novel and innovational cultural domains: while broadcast written Valdresmål defies the standard sociolinguistic order, in such a process the dialect is also refunctionalized and, maybe, progressively standardized.